Cover Genie Pro

What іѕ Cover Genie Pro ?

Bundle Pack Made Easy by Genie ProCover designing is a skilled job and it is not for every one.

For years, millions of business owners, marketers like you and me had to make our own covers if we had the knowledge, or else outsourced it to get our covers designed either very expensive or accept poor quality.Paperback Book With Cover Genie Pro

If you could afford Photoshop and went through all the training you would be able to develop and design your own covers which are very time consuming and not that easy.

The alternative is to wait for your outsourced product where the delivery times could be anything from 2 to 4 days.

But there is an option.

Cover Genie Pro Is The Answer.

This state-of-the-art software that allows you and me to create an UNLIMITED number of whatever Cover of YOU need from their rich library of designs in minutes!

Yes, with Cover Genie Pro you can build your cover designs like a professional in a few minutes.CD Cover With Disc by Genie Cover Pro

What Can Be Done With Cover Genie Pro?

• You can build your own professional Covers and Realistic Mockups in minutes – no design skills or experience required!

• You can create UNLIMITED Covers from your browser – It works on Windows, Mac and just about any major OS!Box Cover with Cover Geni Pro

• The same Quality Designs as with Photoshop without IT!

• Your will Impress your customers, visitors and audience and they will appreciate the value of their purchase more!

• You will increase perceived value of your product. Cover Genie Pro is the 1st known software that lets you create Bundle packages almost instantly!

• You can easily create mock up Covers for presentations which are common in local businesses and on corporate levels!Hardcover Report with Cover Genie Pro

• You can start your own business designing Covers for your clients and get paid for it! This is really guru-level covers done in less time

• You can create sell-able templates and designs… remember you own your work and can do whatever you want with it.

Passive Income - So Easy Even Grandpa Can Do ItSee Cover Genie Pro In action Here and decide for your self:

Get a flat tummy in 7 days

All This covers were made with Cover Genie Pro:

Get Targeted Facebook Traffic to Your Business On Line

Get it at Fiverr Now.

Allow me to ask you a question…

Do you feel alone in your struggle for more traffic to your business Online?

Does it seem that you are the only one struggling to get targeted visitors to your web sites or affiliate offers?

The truth is to generate targeted traffic is the no1 most important factor to your success or failure online.

In fact it is SO vital, that you won’t make a single dime without it.

It does not matter how great your sales copy or web design happens to be…
No traffic = no sales. It is as simple as that.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

To get targeted traffic is a struggle that most people starting out online faces and that is the reason why the majority of them are never able to make an income on line.

Introducing, right here on Fiverr, exactly how I create and run my Facebook ad campaigns to get CHEAP targeted traffic so that you can avoid the mistakes that many are making and start earning money online by following this simple video course.

By advertising on Facebook you have you access to millions of people and can outright explode your quest for website traffic…

…IF you go about it the right way.

And that is exactly what I am going to show you if you click HERE now!

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Must Know Topics To build a Business Online


Do you find it difficult to establish your business online because there are simply too many things for you learn?

Are you Tired of Being Confused about Internet Marketing?

Do you want to discover what is Truly Important to Your Business Online Success is?

Have you ever felt that you have many missing pieces or questions left unanswered, leaving you all confused and lost?

Would you like to have access to a video series which contains all the tutorial videos for the must know topics of Internet marketing?

If you answered yes, you can find it all right here on Fiverr!

This series contains a comprehensive set of THIRTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important tasks of internet marketing.

You no longer have to feel frustrated with the lack of help or knowledge as you can easily refer to this set of videos whenever you face a problem of not knowing how to do something…

It’s like having a business online teacher guiding and teaching you at anytime you wish.

Gain access to this amazing video set today right here in Fiverr and achieve your desired success.

You will be amazed at the value you get!

The Must know to build your Business Online

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Traffic Wave AutoResponder – Empowering People

To make money on line you need three things:Make Money

1) A quality product or service that people need or demand at a competitive price which makes you a profit.

2) An automated sales system which offer and deliver the quality product or service to your customer on time without fail.

3) A marketing and advertising system which bring the customers to your sales system

The net is full of good quality products which you can find in any niche at places such as Clickbank, Amazon, JV Zoo and Warrior Forum to name a few. That is if you can not create your own quality product or service.

You will also find 1000’s and more places to market your product or service such as Facebook, Google adwords, Pinterest, google + and many more.

AutoresponderBut I want to concentrate on the automated sales system which delivers your product or service to your customer on time without with the number one marketing tool called the Autoresponder.

In fact it does not matter whether you have an online business, an offline business or even no business at all, you can still use auto responders to make a large income easily and quickly.

How, you may ask? I will first explain exactly what an auto responder is. An auto responder is the most important tool that any online marketer must have. But it is not only for online marketers, it can also be used by doctors, lawyers, salesmen, retail shops, online shops, in fact by every one that needs to contact people because that is the mailing system of the modern area.

E mail marketingGone is the old post office mailing system for most people these days have e-mail addresses and it is not only faster to connect to them but also very much cheaper than to use the outdated mailing system.

When you have a business you need an Auto responder to automatically remind potential customers of special offers or new offers coming up and above all you can build good relations with your customers. You can inform and train them on the latest product or service available, and that he or she actually needs it.

You do this by writing a series of pre-written e-mails for the specific topic or niche that your customer is interested in and send it on a pre determined schedule to your customer because stats has shown that you need to make contact with a potential customer about seven times before he or she will actually buy form you.Auto responder Marketing

And when you made a sale the Autoresponder will direct your customer to the page or website to receive the purchase if it is digital. If a non digital item such as a T-shirt is sold, you will contact your customer with the autoresponder for delivery details such as tracking numbers, eta’s and so on.

You will find many types of autoresponders online from free ones to own hosted ones and then the best option which is the pro ones. If you do not want to make an investment in a good professional auto responder the chances of making a success of your business are very low for it is proven online that on average a sale is made after a customer has been contacted seven times.

There is very well known auto responders such as Aweber and Getresponse and my favourite TrafficWave.Traffic Wave Autoresponder

Both Aweber and Getresponse are very popular but the monthly premium varies according to the number of customers on your list. Trafficwave in contrast is offered at a fixed monthly tariff. See the infograph below.

Getresponse, Aweber, Traffic Wave

So what features are important when selecting an auto responder?

You will find that the features in all good autoreponders are basically the same, with the difference the way these features are offered in the auto responder you choose.

The most important three features are:

Traffic Wave campaignsa) Number of campaigns? A campaign is a series of autoresponders to market a specific product. So if you sell three products you will have three campaigns, 6 products six campaigns and so on. The ideal autoresponder will offer you unlimited campaigns.

Campaign messagesb) Number of messages? As mentioned earlier stats has shown that a potential customer must be contacted at least 7 times per campaign before he or she might purchase meaning that you have to send 7 messages on average before you can make a sale. So the auto responder you choose must not limit your messages per campaign. Ideally the messages per campaign must be unlimited.

c) Number of subscribers? This is where it is very important to make the correct decision in selecting you auto responder. Most auto responders limit you to a certain number of subscribers per campaign or campaigns. If you exceed the limitation your monthly premium increases and eventually you could pay into hundreds of dollars per month for your customer list. The ideal auto responder will allow you unlimited subscribers per campaign at a fixed monthly cost so there are no surprises awaiting you.

Other features that you want from your ideal autoreponder are:

  • It must be able to broadcast to all your subscribers. You might find a good product, great news or maybe just a very good video that you want to share with all your subscribers. So a broadcast feature is a must.Traffic Wave Broadcast


  • The autoresponder you select must have an importing and exporting feature for if you change from another auto responder you must be able to import your customer list from your previous autoresponder or add them by hand and you want to export your list of customers for back up purposes.


  • Your autoresponder must have the personalization feature. If you have build good relationships with your customer you do not want to send an email to dear friend or dear Traffic Wave list buildingcustomer, you want to send it to John, James Barbara or whatever the first name of your customer is. It is all about relations with your customer.


  • The customer support of the auto responder you select must be prompt and responsive. You will have problems from time to time which you want to be sorted out like immediately, not a week from now. Oh, the customer support must be free, if they want to charge you run away.


  • Many emails lands in the spam folder of potential customers because it might contain words that are classified as spam by email providers. This means that if you can find an autoresponder that allows you to analyze your email for spam before sending it you have hit the jackpot.


  • A good autoresponder will track the open rate of emails for you. It will notify you of how many emails were opened and how many dropouts from it. If you notice a high drop out trend it means you will have to revisit the specific email and tweak it so the drop out rate decrease.


  • Your selected autoresponder must allow you to create a sign up form which you can put on your website or in your landing or capture page.


  • And last but not least it has to offer a good affiliate program so that you can make some money when you refer some one to your selected autoresponder.

Have you selected your autoresponder yet?

TrafficWave offers all above and more at a fixed rate of only $17.95 per month (See our Affiliate Plan, Boy oh Boy?), but you can try it out on a free 30 day trial by clicking HERE:

Traffic Wave Autoresponder


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My 7 Step Guide Moving a WordPress Site

My 7 Step Guide Moving a WordPress Site:

When your website host is becoming to expensive, their support are almost non existent, you are exceeding your limits regularly, your website is limited or even taken offline for minutes if not hours it is time to find a new website host in the very competitive market out there.

To find a new website host is relatively easy, but I do advise you to do your home work properly. Many of them offers you a very low price and come hosting renewal time you might be in for a big surprise. I personally recommend Arvixe and you can also look at IX webhosting. They might not be as well known as Host Gator or Go Daddy, but their pricing and support service is way better.

If you decide to get a new website host it means moving a wordpress site to the new host. Migrating wordpress sites should not be a difficult process and after spending hours to google what to do, I finally found the following 7 step guide moving a wordpress site to be easy and accurate.

You found your new host; you signed up and paid your hosting now it is time moving a wordpress site to a new host.

Step 1:

At your current host log into your Cpanel, Go to File Manager, find the domain name you want to transfer and click on config.php and then edit as indicated on the image.

migrate wordpress site config php

A new page will open and you will find your Data Base (Db) name as per image below.

transfer website db base name

Now that you know your DB name it is time to download it to your computer. Make a folder on your computer where you can easily find the files that you have downloaded later. To locate your Data base you need to go back to your Cpanel and find phpMyAdmin

transfer wordpress site new host go to phpMyAdmin

Click on phpMyAdmin and a page that looks like this will open:

how to transfer your wordpress site to a new host db tables loaded

Find your data base, in this case koosvj_wp28 click on it and all the tables for the specific DB will load. Click Check All in the bottom. It is time to complete step 1 of moving wordpress site to new host. Scroll down till you see Compresssion. Make sure that you select the zipped before exporting.

how to transfer a wordpress website to a new host  Click on compression Zipped

Click on export, go, then save the file to the folder you have created on your computer

transfer wordpress site to new host export Data Base

Step 2:

You have successfully saved your wordpress website’s data base on your computer. But there is other content on your current website that you want to transfer to your new web host. I found by far that the easiest way to download your wordpress content is to use a FTP program such as FileZilla which by the way is free. Just download to your computer and connect it to your current and future host.

Open Filezilla but also open the folder where you have saved your data base as per step 1. Mine is “Transfer

transfer wordpress site - domain to transfer

Click on the domain on the right hand side that you want to transfer – my one is Business Online – and all the files for this website will open. Find the wp-content file and drag it to the left to the folder where you have saved your data base, or right click and download it to your transfer folder. This may take a while depending on the content you have on your website.

migrate wordpress site to new host-wp content

Congratulations. You have downloaded to your computer all the info required to transfer wordpress site to new host.

Step 3:

Login to the Cpanel of your new web Hosting Company. Click on Add On Domains to add your domain to your new web host. Do the same if you are using a subdomain as I do with

moving wordpress site to new host - add on domain and subdomain

At Arvixe the page to add your domains and subdomains look like the image below. But all webhosts will look similar and the actions to add your domain or subdomain will be the same. It is also advised that you add your domains and subdomains to the public_html.

transfer wordpress website domain and subdomain to new webhost

Step 4:

You now have your domain and or subdomain added to your new webhost. It is time to load wordpress to your website. At some hosting companies they allow you to load wordpress directly and at others you can make use of software services such as Softaculous.

how to transfer a wordpress site to a new host - load wordpress

To simplify transfer a wordpress site to a new host I highly recommend that you use the same username and password when loading wordpress on to your domain or sub-domain of your new host as the ones you used at your old host, because that is what is downloaded on your Data Base. If not it can get tricky to change your username and password in the data base and our aim is to do the transfer as easy and smoothly as possible.

transfer wordpress to new host - use same user name and password

Step 5:

When wordpress is loaded onto your domain you will get an email with the new data base(DB) details because that is what you need to upload your data base from your computer. If you do not get the details just follow the steps as described in step 1 to get your Data Base name. In my case my new data base name was koosvj_wp270

migrate wordpress site to new host - click on my page admin

You have your data base name so at your new host’s CPanel click on phpMyAdmin and find your data base name on the left hand side.

migrate wordpress - find new database

Click on Check all and select Drop.

migrating wordpress -  drop current data from data base

This screen will follow – Click on yes and your data base will be empty. It is very important to ensure that the data base is empty before importing the data base of the wordpress website that you are moving.

migrating wordpress site Select ok to remove data form your data base

Click on import and then browse

migrating a wordpress site - click on import and then browse

Find the data base from your old host on your computer.

moving a wordpress site - find old data base on your computer

After your data base has been uploaded click on GO

moving wordpress site - upload your old database

You will see a page that says import has been successfully finished.

moving wordpress site to new host - data loaded at new location

Step 6:

Now our data base is in place. We need to get the content from Our website on the old host to our website on our new host.

With Filezilla or which ever FTP program you use connect to your new host.

move wordpress site to new server - connect to new host

Once connected to your new host find the domain on the right hand side of Filezilla and the file wp-content that you want to transfer on the left hand side

moving wordpress site - find domain and wp content file to upload

Highlight the wp-content file that you want to upload and drag it to the right hand side to your domain’s files or right click and upload it to the domain on the right hand side.

moving a wordpress site - highlight file to upload

You are overwriting wp-content files that have been created when you loaded wordpress to your domain so you will see a screen like this:

moving a wordpress site - over write files always

Click on always use this action to overwrite the files currently in your wp-content file with the files from your website at your old host. You have now successfully transferred your website from your old host to your new hosting company.

Step 7:

All that is left to do now is to point your domain name to your new hosting company in my case Arvixe.

To point your domain to your new hosting company you will have to log into your account where you have registered your domain. Locate your domain and click on it.

how to move a wordpress site- locate your domain at your registrar

The will see a screen that looks like this:

how to move a wordpress site to a new server - update nameservers at for new host

When you bought hosting at your new web-host they sent you an email that will have your new name servers in. At Arvixe it will be something like below.
Domain DNS Information

“If you did not purchase your domain name from us, please login to your registrar (the company that registered your domain name for you) and use the following information to alter the DNS settings on your domain name: (Note: Many providers do not require the IP address information)
Domain Name Server 1: ns1 xxxxxxxxxx
Domain Name Server 2: ns2 xxxxxxxxxx
Domain Name Server 1 IP:
Domain Name Server 2 IP:

how to move a wordpress site from one server to another - save new nameservers

When you click on manage above screen will pop up and you can copy and paste your new name servers in the spaces provided. Click save.

If your domain registrar keeps a DNS Zone file of your domain it is a good idea to also change the IP address there to the IP address of your new host. Note not all registrars provide this information but I will show you an image of how to do it below.

export wordpress site to new server - change Ip adress in zone file

And that is it. Sit back, relax, and wait (usually around 24-48 hours) for the re-delegation to propagate around the internet.

Very important – Once your site is live on your new host log in to your dashboard, go to settings, permalinks and click on save to ensure that all your links has transferred properly. Do a test on a few to ensure accuracy.

Good luck with your move.(iX Webhsosting is running a special now- Grab it while it is hot)


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A Trustworthy Affiliate Marketing System – AffiloBlueprint

Introduction to AffiloBlueprint

AffiloBlueprint Affiliate TrainingAffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step guide to create an affiliate marketing web site. Affiloblueprint was developed by Mark Ling, a millionaire and an Eight-figure millionaire.

Mark Ling started affiliate marketing whilst still in college. In less than a year he was making around $3,000 a week. He achieved this by ranking high in Google’s online search engine, and by targeting highly profitable niches.

This was all good up until one day he got slapped by Google and it his earnings immediately began to crash! However Mark did not give up!

He made a decision to give it another go, and this time that instead of having all his focus on banner ads , he will rather focus more on making money with email marketing and the result: IT WORKED!

I fact it work so well that Mark decided to create a system that somebody like hie father who was quite technically challenged could use. Because his dad was in a job that he very much disliked he started using Mark’s AffiloBlueprint system and guess what? His father is now earning a 6 figure income on auto pilot and he is enjoying his retirement.

AffiloBlueprint Overview

AffiloBlueprint Stips Away The Confusion With A Fool-Proof Guide To Success – Get One-On-One Help With Mark Ling’s Support Staff. AffiloBlueprint Will Actually Save You Money And Pay For Itself.

AffiloBlueprint gives you the knowledge, skills, and foolproof system to build money-making affiliate websites

AffiloBlueprint is precisely what its name says – it is a blueprint or if you want to a plan. It gives you and exact detailed step by step guide of what you need to do to create an affiliate website from scratch.

AffiloBlueprint contains 12 modules. Each module consists of PDF notes, over-the-shoulder videos, and homework. If you follow the steps in each module and do the practical work you will have a completed website and very important traffic as well at the end of the course.

This is absolutely fantastic for new affiliates, who still do not know of all the steps involved, and require a plan to follow. I tried it, and I can really tell you that Mark Ling’s formula works. He has actually left absolutely nothing out – it is all there.
What is more is that the support staff of AffiloBlueprint will give you one on one help, by having a look at your website and tell you what you can do to improve it. When you buy your copy of AffiloBlueprint not only will you get a mentor, but you will also get all the support you need to assist you with your training and all the advice that you might need in building your affiliate website. Other online services normally charges hundreds of dollars for this kind of personal assistance, thus making this a real steal.

AffiloBlueprint Training and Tools

Obviously AffiloBlueprint will certainly pay for itself by showing you the best ways to build a money-magnet web site and it will save you money right now! My guess is that you as a new AffiloBlueprint Webhostingaffiliate have already bought many products and services such as webhosting, Search Engine Optimization tools, PDF books and so on in your search to make money as an affiliate marketer.

But all this purchases adds up and the month to month costs accumulate. With AffiloBlueprint you get taught how to do everything using FREE tools to get your website ranked in Google, and I can tell you right now that is a huge plus. They even offer you free webhosting for as many a five websites for a whole year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AffiloBlueprint

  • AffiloBlueprint provides you everything you will need be successful, however it does not provide you with a website.
  • It has modules which require you to do some homework which you need to DO – otherwise, you will not generate money.
  • If you want to get rich quick and want a made-for-you money making solution, you will definitely have to take a look in other places because this is not the right place.
  • If, however you want a formula for success you have found it right here at AffiloBlueprintIf, however you want a formula for success you have found it right here at AffiloBlueprint


If you are prepared to do the work required and follow the system, you are going to build a website in the exact same way as Mark Ling, guaranteed.

The instructions that you will find on the inside of AffiloBlueprint system is really easy to follow and if for whatever reason you feel it is not for you there is a 60 day refund guarantee which means you have absolutely nothing to lose.

If you order now you get free bonuses to the value of $164. To find out exactly what you bonuses are and to learn more about AffiloBlueprint click HERE.


CB Passive Income – Passive Income Online

What is CB Passive Income?

Patrick Chan Creator of CB Passive IncomePatrick Chan the author of the best selling Wake up Millionaire has developed and tested a system that created a passive income for him on auto pilot and he is now sharing it with us.

Who Is CB Passive Income For?

The CB Passive Income system by Patrick Chan is a method that is creating passive earnings on auto pilot. It is very useful for newbie’s and internet marketers that are still looking for there first earnings on the Internet as well as those that have no or little experience in online advertising. .

How Does CB Passive Income Work?

Once you become a member of the CB Passive Income system, you will have immediate access to virtually everything you require to start a business. At first CB Passive Income might look like an extremely complicated system that require a lot of work

passive income streamsRest assured it is not so complicated. All you actually have to do is give away a very well written free report and that is it. Once somebody has taken up your offer of the free report Patrick and group will start with there work and do the rest for you.

What do to do next depends on you but the obvious thing will be to give away a free report again and again which in turn will open various passive income streams for you.

Why Become a member CB Passive Income?

A member of CB Passive Income will get:

1. An excellent tested website which is converting at 50 %.

2. A tempting free offer that will entice site visitors to subscribe.

3. Free website hosting.

4. As soon as visitors have actually opted in, the Auto Responder of Patrick’s will do all the work for you.

5. Excellently prepared emails and more attractive free reports with your special Affiliate code will be emailed to this list.

passive income ideas

This means that every email will have a promotion with your Clickbank Id in it, and for every purchase made from your link you will earn a commission.

As you can see this to create a passive income online is really quite basic and powerful, because you are leveraging Patrick’s integrity and services.

Nothing stops you from creating your squeeze page, capture leads and promote the items yourself. This is however very time consuming and because you are not known on the internet yet your opt-in rate could be extremely low.

Besides, email marketing is one of the toughest marketing methods on the net. You will have to know exactly how to write engaging emails and know exactly which the best times to send emails are and when to promote, If you do not do it correctly you might have more opt outs than sales.

Additional CB Passive Income Training.

As a member CB Passive Income you will have access to some exclusive traffic courses. A few of these training includes:.

what is passive income1. Youtube Marketing: This includes everything needed so you know how to rank on Google and on Youtube.

2. Discover how to incorporate Youtube videos to other social media sites and get lots of traffic. This consists of Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Squidoo and loads more.

3. Solo advertisements.

4. Facebook Advertising.

5. Effectively using Guest blogging.

6. Correct method for Press releases.

7. Correct use of StumbleUpon.

8. Secrets of Forum Marketing and lots more.

CB Passive Income Tools:

You will find lots of banners, email swipes/solo ads and videos that you can use to help you in promoting your free report website.

Final Opinion:

If you are a beginner or you are still struggling to make money on the internet I highly suggest you try out CB Passive Income.

Here are major reasons why you must join CB Passive Income.

1. Your only job will be to hand out the extremely well written free report to get subscribers.

2. No need to worry about other software applications or programs, everything is provided for you.

3. Patrick has many quality free reports which he will hand out to this list, which build trust.

4. Patrick is known as a “Guru” and people will more likely purchase from him than you.



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Affilorama – All the Affiliate Training You Will Ever Need

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is the place to go where you can get all the affiliate training you will ever need.

 Affilorama – All the Affiliate Training You Will Ever NeedAffilorama is currently among the leading Products in the clickbank marketplace. It was created by Mark Ling who is one of the most effective internet marketers and a top online affiliate marketer today.

Who is Affilorama for?

Affilorama was created for every one that considers making money online whether it is a work from home business, a business online or doing affiliate marketing. It is created in such a way that it will suit the beginner affiliate, the intermediate affiliate and even the advanced affiliate will benefit from the PPC and other training. In short it is for everybody who wishes to generate an income online.

Affilorama Overview

As a free member you have access to a large number of training materials which includes both video and print. The free Affiliate training includesAll the Affiliate Training You Will Ever Need

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Market Research for Affiliate Marketers
Pay Per Click Training
Search Engine Optimization
Website Building
Marketing Ideas
Finding Profitable Niches
Content Creation

If however you want more detailed training you can signup for AffiloBlueprint.

AffiloBlueprint Training Includes:

A video series consisting of 12 parts and more than 85 videos that gives you step by step affiliate training in how to build your website, monetize it and most important getting traffic to it. All the lessons are downloadable.

AffiloBlueprint Affiliate TrainingAffilioBlueprint shows you how to use free tools to gain success instead of spending on tools you do not need.

The Powerful Affilotheme is included in your AffiloBlueprint Package. It makes the building of highly optimized and converting websites effortlessly.

You get free access to the private members forum where help is available every step of the way and all your questions will be answered.

Affilorama advantages and disadvantages:

Affilorama and Affiloblueprint are for sure your one stop Affiliate training gateway which provides all the training you ever need to be a successful Affiliate Marketer

The advantages of AffiloBlueprint includes:

1) It is updated continuously which allows the member to stay in touch with the latest affiliate marketing techniques in order to be successful online and not to waste time on useless and irrelevant content.

2) New tools and software for email marketing, search engine optimization and lead finding are constantly build by the Affilorama programmers and supplied to you.

3) If a problem is identified within the community the owner Mark will react by recording a solution to the problem and let you have a copy of it.

4) The community in the members area as well as the blog are excellent in providing a lot of value. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a old hand in affiliate marketing.

The disadvantages of Affilorama

As with all system and products Affilorama also have some disadvantages

1) When you land on their landing page they start with their upsell offers with a special to join the Premium Membership, but note that the free training and the AffiloBlueprint training will be all you need to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

2) You will find that some of the tools provided by Affilorama are available on the internet, but the training in the use of these tools makes up for it.

3) It is important to note that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and to make a success as an affiliate marketer you will have to constantly do the required training and apply whatever you have learned in your day to day activities.

Product Summary:

  • Product:         Affilorama – All the Affiliate Training You Will Ever Need
  • Overall           Ranking: 8.5 out of 10
  • Price:             Free Membership Nil
  •                     AffiloBlueprint $197 Once for lifetime Access
  • Owner:          Mark Ling




Affilorama and AffiloBlueprint are for sure your one stop Affiliate training gateway which provide all the training you ever need to be a successful Affiliate Marketer


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Gold IRA Retirement – Regal Assets

Why Gold IRA retirement with Regal Assets?

Saving and investing for tomorrow is a very much the thing to do these days. With debt increasing by the day, you and I are becoming more concerned on how our investments will perform in our golden years. And if our investments are based on paper currencies we are in for a big surprise. Our investments will fail. I has in the past and it will in the future .

paper currencies

The dollar has fallen with 97% since 1913. For example an item that costs $10 in 1913 will cost you a whopping $238.68 today – a cumulative inflation of 2286.8%. See for your yourself by using the Us Inflation Calculator.

Gold IRA Retirement – Regal Assets

And the direct opposite of the dollar, a precious metal such as gold has grown with leaps and bounds and whilst the goldprice was $255,95 in 2000 you could have sold it for $1 309.90 at todays gold rate.goldprice

Big countries like Chine and India are investing in gold like crazy and that is a major accelerator in pushing the gold price up

gold price

So it is no wonder that people such as :

Recommends  that Gold and Silver

be added to your investments

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As a lot of us have Individual Retirement Accounts which we hope will see us through our latter years. It can only be good advice to make it a gold IRA retirement.

Regal Assets – Your Gold IRA Retirement Company

Whilst we make the smart choice by investing some of our hard earned money in gold or silver we need to do it with a trustworthy company. There are plenty Gold IRA Retirement companies out there but after doing proper research on the Internet, Regal Assets are head and shoulders above the rest.

Regal assets investing


Regal Assets Highly rated by happy Gold IRA Retirement customers

At this moment Regal Assets is the only precious metals company that has a a+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, (BBB). They achieved a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance

Regal Assets investing

Regal Assets is one of the very few businesses that scored 5out of 5 Stars with client reviews at trustlink.

Regal assets was also featured in major publications such as Smart Money, Inc.Magazine(rated #20 this year in the USA for financial services), Market Watch and Forbes, where the were featured in the 2013 Investment Guide.

See Happy customer feed back here

Regal Assets Delivery promise

Regal assets goldbarRegal assets pride themselves that your precious metal will be delivered to you within 7 business days after your account has been funded. I for whatever reason they fail to honour their delivery promise they will add a free 1oz Silver American eagle to you collection. All deliveries are fully insured and tracked.

Setting up IRA accounts

Regal Assets is very proud that the have the best experts in the industry to help people like you and me to setup, rollover or transfer our current IRAS into gold IRAs. The team is extremely knowledgeable and are able to answer and solve any question you and I might have.Gold Iras Retirement



Gold Price Chart



Silver Price Chart


 The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Regal Assets. The content on this website, including the positive review of Regal Assets, the negative review of its competitors, and other information, may not be independent or neutral.


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Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Introducing Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword toolSo you want to start your own business online and promote products as an affiliate marketer. To be able to promote programs or products you will have to write adverts, posts and articles. But all the work you put in to create these write ups will be of little value if it is not ranked high up in the search Engines.

You can get high search engine rankings by optimising your page with the correct keyword. But where do you find the correct keyword?

You can use Google’s adwords or other free keyword tools such as Ubersuggest, Bing Keyword Research  and Wordtracker or any other keyword software that you could easily find when you google for it – or you could use Jaaxy Keyword Research tool.

What exactly is the Jaaxy Keyword tool?

If you are reading this you can regards yourself as very privileged for I am going to tell you about the only keyword research tool that you will ever need.

At the bottom of this page you will find a template where you can add your keyword.

Jaaxy Research Tool

Once you can see the results of your keyword you can come back here to see what each column means to you, or just look at the image above about Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Suggested Keywords.

You type in the keyword or keyword phrase that you plan to use in your write up and Jaaxy Keyword tool will with in seconds produce a list of related keyword for you.

How many monthly searches for a Keyword?

Next to each keyword produced by the Jaaxy Keyword tool you will see how many monthly searches per keyword form a number of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will tell you how popular the keyword is.

Traffic estimates for a Keyword.

The results displayed here is very important so that you can see how much traffic you could get if you rank on the first pay of Google with the specific keyword.

Quoted Search Results (QSR) per Keyword

This is the number of competing pages which uses the exact same keyword. The general suggestion as that you must try to go for a keyword with a QSR of 300 or less, for if it is higher you are going to have a tough time getting on the first pay of Google. You want to be on the first page because that is where you will get your free traffic form.

Keyword Quality Index (KQI)

If the indicator in this column is red you can ignore it for the competition will be extremely high and you as a newcomer would have a very difficult time to rank the keyword on the first page.

If the indicator is an orange colour you might decide to explore it further but ultimately you would like to gather more information about the keywords which display a green indicator.Jaaxy Keyword Reserach Tool Indicators

Red = No Go
Orange = Might Go
Green = Definite Go


SEO Power per Keyword

The higher the SEO Power as provided to you by Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool the more potential it has to rank high in the search engines if you use it in your article.

That said the lower the SEO power the more difficult it will be to get rankings in the search Engines.

Domain Search per Keyword.

If you want to buy a domain with the keyword of your choice Jaaxy Keyword tool will tell you whether it is available or not.

This is what Jaaxy keyword research tool can give to you. You will need nothing more in finding the keyword that you can get ranked for.

Who should use Jaaxy keyword tool?

Because a single good keyword can bring you $1000’s per annum, any one that is doing Internet marketing or marketing as such needs keywords.

So I would say Jaaxy Keword tool is for everybody needing keywords, such as Internet Marketers, SEO companies, Niche Marketers, local businesses and I do not think you can list them all here.

Will you get training At Jaaxy keyword Tool?

You will find excellent Videos training on the training page of Jaaxy Keyword Tool which makes the use and understanding of this must have tool a breeze.

PRODUCT_NAME: Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10


Jaaxy Research Tool Payment Plan

Choose the plan that suits you.

Website: Jaaxy


If you are serious about establishing a business on line you must seriously consider adding Jaaxy Keyword tool in your marketing toolbox.

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