10 Tips in Selecting the Best Affiliate Program

Why the Best Affiliate Program for me?

So, I want to be an affiliate marketer because I want to work part time from home. I want to build a reasonable passive income and I want to be the owner of my very own small business online.
10 tips for selecting the Best Affiliate ProgramCan it be done? It is a known fact that affiliate programs created a lot of millionaires, who are living proof that to work hard, stay motivated and continuous exploring does in fact pay.

Now it is time for me to select an affiliate program. To select the best affiliate program for me I have to look at one that are designed for me, something that I am sure that I will be capable of doing. There are plenty Affiliate Marketing programs for beginners and if I am capable of doing what the affiliate program requires I am assured of being successful. In other words I want my own niche affiliate marketing program

I followed these 10 tips in selecting my niche affiliate marketing program.


Tip 1

I need to like and have an interest in my best affiliate program

If I want to buy the product of the best affiliate program I want to promote, chances are that there will be many others that will also like and have an interest in the affiliate program. They can be my customers for the same products and programs.


Tip 2

My Best Affiliate Program have to be of high quality.

If my online affiliate marketing program is associated with several experts in the specific niche I can be assured that the standard of the niche affiliate marketing program I want to join is of high quality.


Tip 3

My Best Affiliate program has to offer viable and real products.

By doing some research and communicating with other affiliate membeMy affilaite Program must have real Productsrs, customers and reading of testimonials I can quickly determine the program’s credibility.



Tip 4

Is my Affiliate program catering for a growing target market?

I want my best affiliate program to cater for a growing market because that will ensure that my customer base will also grow so will my income.

By participating in forums, discussions and other positive feedback’s I should get an idea whether my affiliate program is catering for a growing market.


Tip 5

My Best Affiliate Program CommissionsMy Affiliate program needs to pay a good commission

If I can find an affiliate program which a compensation plan pays out a passive income and if the payout is 40 percent or more I would be in the clouds.

You and I if we look closely will find programs that do offer this type of compensation. Bottom line, we do not have to waste our time with programs that don’t reward us enough for our work and efforts.


Tip 6

My Best Affiliate program must not set minimum earnings

There are many affiliate programs that set a minimum limit that I have to earn before they pay me.

I have to be absolutely sure that I am capable of reaching their requirements. If their sale targets are too difficult to achieve I should rather ignore it.


Tip 7

My Affiliate program has to give me tools and resources.

If the best affiliate program I want to select does not have tools and resources to help me grow my business in the shortest time possible I can be sure that a rough path lies ahead.

I will waste a lot of time to develop my own advertising tools. So I will rather go for a program that offers lots of tools and resources.


Tip 8

Is there statistics in my Affiliate Program?

10 Tips in Selecting My Best Affiliate ProgramI want to know how I am progressing in my marketing efforts of my affiliate program. It therefore has to offer me anytime, anywhere access to my statistics so that I can monitor how I am doing.

All Top affiliate marketing programs do offer stats so if it does not offer statistics it is better to pass it by and find one that suits my needs. It is out there, it is just a matter of finding it.


Tip 9

My affiliate program has to retain it’s members

The Affiliate program that I select has to offer strong incentives so that members renew their membership.

It is a known fact that the affiliate program that gives training and help and provides continuous upgrades for its products retain its members. It is important for me to grow my business online.


Tip 10

My Affiliate program should not get negative comments.

If members are not happy with the affiliate marketing program I want to select and they start negative comments on it, I can be sure that they will leave it and that will mean they will also leave me and my income will get smaller.

As mentioned earlier by participating in forums, discussions and reading testimonials I should get a good idea of the quality of my program.

Remember you only want to join the best affiliate marketing programs, so it never harms you to ask questions about a program, it also has to include any possible downsides about it.

Well, I have found my best affiliate program which fits all the tips above and if you want to learn affiliate marketing you have to look at Affilorama.


11 thoughts on “10 Tips in Selecting the Best Affiliate Program

    1. Koos Post author

      Thanks Laura. Form time to time we all need some tips to guide us in the right direction

  1. Craig

    This is really valuable information on how to find the best affiliate program. I think you have really nailed down some great tips. Will be following with interest, thanks for the tips.

  2. Manie

    Some great tips on here, I think if I were to buy something online, it really has to add value into improving my life. Value sells

  3. Rob

    Offering any sort of organized information is always easy to digest. I like the way you have broken down your list into neat affiliate program requirements.

    1. Koos Post author

      Yes, One thing that I have learned at WA. Makes it easier to read I think.

  4. Cathy

    Totally agree with all your tips. I would still be bouncing in the internet, loosing my money if I haven’t found Wealthy Affiliates that got me started on the right track. Thanks for sharing.


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