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I am Koos van Jaarsveldt, an Internet Marketer who has been on line since October 2011.

My Story:

I left quite a nice job with a decent pay to start our own business. The business was doing quite well, but after 8 years it fell apart due to circumstances beyond our control. In doing an analyses to why the business folded the wife and I came to a conclusion that if we had more experience and knowledge, we could may be have controlled the circumstances and not used it as an excuse for the failure of the business.

After the business was closed the wife and I had to sell our property for far less than it was worth because we could not pay it any more.

Business Online - How Take make extra money

Me, late wife and my daughters

We were blessed enough when our eldest daughter offered us a place to stay which meant that we had to lift our roots and moved from the country to a city.

After about a year in the city I managed to secure a permanent job as a night shift supervisor. Although the pay is not that good it is a job and we were very thankful for that. It gave me lots of time with my wife.

As, I think on every night shift job, you get your periods when it is very quiet and to pass the time I got hold of a laptop and a 3G Internet connection and my journey to make lots of money on the internet started.

But after a lengthy period of time I realized that to make money on the internet is not for everyone. I started with MLM and paid monthly subscriptions, trying to build a down line using safe lists for advertising (you click you life away on safe lists to get credits in order to post your adverts if you can not pay for the credits). Without a down line and sign ups in MLM you pay and pay and never make money.

From there I tried matrixes (monthly subscriptions and one time payments) and again you only make money if you can get sign ups in the program which is very hard to find.

I even invested money in Just Been Paid/Profit Clicking and now Ad Click Xpress and a few other similar programs where you earn Interest on daily basis but you can never withdraw your profits(your withdrawal requests hang for ever in the air). All other similar program have disappeared but for ACX which is still B.S-ting people out of there monies.

Last year April my wife was diagnosed with pancreas cancer which spread to the liverĀ  and after 10 painful months fighting against it she decided to go to a better place and left me alone. While we were suffering I neglected my online activities.

After the wife passed on, the night shift job is no more a pleasure and I made a decision that this year I must build an internet business which pays enough so that I can leave the night shift and become a permanent Internet Marketer.

I think my past experience on the Internet was a good learning school and I am positive that I can help you to build your business online and what to avoid.






2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Franto Hruz

    Hello Koos,
    I think you could use some practical help with adding some viral plug-ins to your blog to create a bit of a following to your site. One easy way you can do it, is by using a membership site, or an affiliate product sales plug-in.
    With it set up the right way, you can then offer your product and services to other WA members and Google+ contacts.
    I can offer you some 1-on-1 coaching with my program here …

    Best wishes,
    Franto in Toronto


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