Affiliate Marketer – A Day in My Life

A Typical Affiliate Marketers Day

The almost global access to the Internet has changed affiliate marketing completely. Gone are the days where you had to rely on telephones, faxes and even snail mail to get the latest updates and the progress of your programmes.  Now all you have to do is press a few buttons and all the information you need about your programme is on the screen right in front of you.

Affiliate MarketerA typical day for an affiliate marketer, assuming that he or she works from the comfort of their home, and has an Internet connection, should be something like this……

After waking up, finished cleaning and eating breakfast the affiliate marketer turns the computer, or which ever device is used to do the affiliate marketing with.

Next, is going to check for new developments on his/her affiliate programmes, seeing if there is any new news and tracking the statistics. As far as the affiliate marketer is concerned their might be updates that requires urgent attention. After his happy wit the current developments at his/her affiliate marketing programmes the attention now shifts to the website or websites concerned.

The Affiliate Marketer Tweak His/Her Website

Any good affiliate marketer knows that his/her sites need to be revised. An affiliate marketer knows that a well designed website with the correct sought after keywords ( See the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool below ) could increase visitors to his site which will increase sign ups to the affiliate marketing programmes he/she is involved in. This can be done by changing a link location, an image or even improve on the videos on the sites.

The website is now revised to the affiliate marketer’s liking, now the time has come to start with the daily promoting of the affiliate programmes. This is done by submitting the programmes to directories for affiliate programmes, by tagging videos or images on the social media networks, by posting updates to his/her facebook pages, by posting banners as well as button ads, and even pin images on Pinterest. I can not mention all the promotion tactics here, there are too many. The good affiliate marketer knows it is best to be accessible and visible.

Feedback by the Affiliate Marketer

Visitors will always ask questions and the affiliate marketer knows that these must be answered quickly, or the potential customer will be turned off. The answer form the affiliate marketer must be honest, professional, yet friendly. To prove that the affiliate marketer is efficient, a potential customer must never wait or be ignored when he or she have a question or query whether it is asked through a comment on your website or via e-mail.   

Whilst the affiliate marketer is responding to e-mails/comments regarding his/her affiliate programmes, he/she should also be logged in to forums and chat rooms where interaction between marketers about the same interests is taking place. This is excellent places to get to know more about best ways to promote their products.

AffiliateYou will always learn something new about your affiliate products/programmes and the chat rooms and forums are the best places to get these tips and advice and sharing your own. Chances are that there might be people in the discussions that could be enticed to join your affiliate programme. Remember a good affiliate marketer is always looking for opportunities to get his programmes out to the masses.

If E-zines or newsletters are updated the affiliate marketer will write updated newsletters with the latest developments  and news about his affiliate programmes and distribute it to his/her customers.

Affiliate Marketer Sends Out Newsletters

When there are sales or promotions on the affiliate marketers programmes, he/she must get this news out to the list of customers as fast as possible so that they can benefit from it. By doing so the affiliate marketer is also promoting him/her self.

The affiliate marketer will always give credit to any one who has helped him/her in promotions and sales, whether it is via comments on his/her website, newsletters or by e-mail. That will further increase his/her credibility. There is nothing like mentioning individuals, their sites and what they have done to assist the affiliate marketer.

The affiliate marketer will visit websites similar to his/hers and or promoting the same products and post comments and recommendations for wannabes.  This will achieve two objectives at the same time – the affiliate marketer will promote the products and the programs. Somebody may just click on his/her link and join the program or purchase the product.

Wow, the affiliate marketer has missed lunch and it is already bedtime. This is only an idea of how a dedicated affiliate marketer’s day should be like. Are success waiting for you in the not to distant future???

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