Which Affiliate Program do I Choose?

Which Affiliate Program do I Choose?

Let us start by asking which niche you are interested in? It is so much easier to write posts and ads when you are interested in a specific program or product.

Having said this it is always good to do a little research about the program you intend to join. Ask questions such as:

Are there any costs involved joining the Affiliate program and what will I get out of it?

The answers to these questions could be the deciding point whether to join or not. You will find that most affiliate programs are free to join so why would you join a program that charges you so that you can promote their program.

Your commissions should be worth the work that you will have to do to promote the program. A training and member-ship program such as Wealthy Affiliate offers a around 24 percent commissions for starter members, so set your margin for joining a program at least 20 percent. Obliviously if you choose to sell your products your commissions will be less.

When does the Affiliate Program pay your commission checks?

This is a very important question. A lot of the affiliate programs set minimum earnings that you must earn before they pay out commissions. So if the minimum earnings is set at $300 and you earned $299 but failed to earn the extra dollar you will never see your earnings.

The timing at which they pay your commissions is also important so that you can plan a budget around your payment dates. Some affiliate programs will pay out monthly and others may pay out quarterly.

Once again you must select the affiliate program whose payment plan suits you

What is the Affiliate Program’s hit per sales ratio?

Said in a different way: What is the average number of hits for a banner or text link? This will tell you how many people visit the specific program before a sale is made.

This in turn will give you an idea how much traffic you will have must send to tour Affiliate Program link before you get a sale. And even better how many visitors you require to meet your sales target for the month or quarter or year.

Does the Affiliate Program track visitors?

It is a known fact that very few people are impulse buyers. That means a person will not buy initially and if he/she does return to buy you want the credit for it.

It is therefore important that the affiliate program you chose have a trusted tracking system in place. The period that the person gets tracked with your affiliate link is also very important because the longer the referral stays in the system with your link the better it is for you.

Let me explain. You refer Joe to the program and he does not buy. In 6 months time he lands at the program again and decides to purchase. Because you introduced him to the program initially you would like to get the credit for his purchase. So if the Affiliate program only tracks for a month you will not get credited with the sale.

What statistics do you get at the Affiliate Program?

Stats are very important to measure your progress in the Affiliate program you selected.

The stats you want from your Affiliate program must be available 24/7 and should include at least:
How many impressions per banner or text link? That is how many times the specific link was viewed.

How many hits per banner or text link? That is how many times were the banner or text link clicked.

Both stats mentioned above is very important so that you can see at any time whether you are on track to achieve your targets or do your efforts need some tweaking. The stats must also include your sales and commissions to date.

There are a lot more questions you can ask before you chose your affiliate program. But if you have solid answers on the above few questions you should be able to make a good choice whether to join the program or not.



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