Article Writing Business Online

Article Writing Business Online

So, your skill is writing. Did you know that millions of people building websites struggle to write unique content for their sites? The only option they then have is to buy unique articles from people like you.

Yes, Article writing can be your way to establish a very successful business online. Business owners and website owners are often looking for individuals with excellent writing skills to compose ads and/or write unique featured articles to promote their services, products and business.

They will give you a few keywords and you must base your article or post on these keywords and keyword phrases. They will then use the write up that you supplied to them to publish it on their websites, and other places where they promote their businesses.

 Article Writing

Tips to Earn Money with your Article Writing Business Online

When you start writing articles or post you are doing it for money. Because you want to get paid for article writing these articles must be unique, very accurate and specific to the keywords and other guidelines supplied to you.

Articles sites such as, and are very strict and particular about the content in an article before they approve it. They will never approve duplicate content, so be sure that your work is 100% unique.

If your posts/articles pass the required quality tests you will surely get paid for it. You must ensure that all the required and important information that your client wants are included in your work.

Also make provision for a resource box if you want to quote phrases or a line that already exits on the internet.

If you are not going to sell your article writing services through sites such as, and you will have to advertise and find clients that actually pay for your work.

They can pay you per article, weekly, monthly or when ever as long as they adhere to the agreement that you and you client have agreed upon.

You will have to make sure that you can get paid by providing your clients options such as bank transfers, debit or credit card payments, direct deposits, money grams and do not forget the very popular ant trusted Paypal. If using online services make sure that you have given them the correct details for you to get paid.

Paypal payments

Pros and Cons of your Article Writing Business Online

Now that you have decided that Article writing will be your Business online it is suggested that you find out about advantages and disadvantages regarding your decision.

One thing that is for sure is that in the article writing business online it is going to be very easy to find clients if you deliver unique quality work.

You will find tons of legit job postings for unique article writing content globally online, meaning that there will be a job for you all the time.

As said earlier you could get paid quickly depending on the agreement between you and you clients.

Because of the large variety of topics online, you with your article writing business online will not get stuck writing about a single topic.

This can become very interesting for you could do your article writing on thousands of different topics, subjects, demographics, kinds of clients and keywords.

You should also not get stuck by article writing only, you can write featured articles, product introductions, product reviews and even news items.

There is no limit. This could make your article writing business online a pleasure because you are doing what you like and by writing about different things you can expand your knowledge

Disadvantages could be that because there are thousands of article writers online the initial rate offered to you could be low, which means that there is no guarantee that you will be earning thousand of dollars from the start.

There is however a guarantee that if you produce high quality unique work you will make money.

The is a very high quantity of duplicate content on the net and changes are that there might be some in your work , so it is possible that your client could ask you for revisions to meet there requirements.

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