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By | May 31, 2014

What is CB Passive Income?

Patrick Chan Creator of CB Passive IncomePatrick Chan the author of the best selling Wake up Millionaire has developed and tested a system that created a passive income for him on auto pilot and he is now sharing it with us.

Who Is CB Passive Income For?

The CB Passive Income system by Patrick Chan is a method that is creating passive earnings on auto pilot. It is very useful for newbie’s and internet marketers that are still looking for there first earnings on the Internet as well as those that have no or little experience in online advertising. .

How Does CB Passive Income Work?

Once you become a member of the CB Passive Income system, you will have immediate access to virtually everything you require to start a business. At first CB Passive Income might look like an extremely complicated system that require a lot of work

passive income streamsRest assured it is not so complicated. All you actually have to do is give away a very well written free report and that is it. Once somebody has taken up your offer of the free report Patrick and group will start with there work and do the rest for you.

What do to do next depends on you but the obvious thing will be to give away a free report again and again which in turn will open various passive income streams for you.

Why Become a member CB Passive Income?

A member of CB Passive Income will get:

1. An excellent tested website which is converting at 50 %.

2. A tempting free offer that will entice site visitors to subscribe.

3. Free website hosting.

4. As soon as visitors have actually opted in, the Auto Responder of Patrick’s will do all the work for you.

5. Excellently prepared emails and more attractive free reports with your special Affiliate code will be emailed to this list.

passive income ideas

This means that every email will have a promotion with your Clickbank Id in it, and for every purchase made from your link you will earn a commission.

As you can see this to create a passive income online is really quite basic and powerful, because you are leveraging Patrick’s integrity and services.

Nothing stops you from creating your squeeze page, capture leads and promote the items yourself. This is however very time consuming and because you are not known on the internet yet your opt-in rate could be extremely low.

Besides, email marketing is one of the toughest marketing methods on the net. You will have to know exactly how to write engaging emails and know exactly which the best times to send emails are and when to promote, If you do not do it correctly you might have more opt outs than sales.

Additional CB Passive Income Training.

As a member CB Passive Income you will have access to some exclusive traffic courses. A few of these training includes:.

what is passive income1. Youtube Marketing: This includes everything needed so you know how to rank on Google and on Youtube.

2. Discover how to incorporate Youtube videos to other social media sites and get lots of traffic. This consists of Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Squidoo and loads more.

3. Solo advertisements.

4. Facebook Advertising.

5. Effectively using Guest blogging.

6. Correct method for Press releases.

7. Correct use of StumbleUpon.

8. Secrets of Forum Marketing and lots more.

CB Passive Income Tools:

You will find lots of banners, email swipes/solo ads and videos that you can use to help you in promoting your free report website.

Final Opinion:

If you are a beginner or you are still struggling to make money on the internet I highly suggest you try out CB Passive Income.

Here are major reasons why you must join CB Passive Income.

1. Your only job will be to hand out the extremely well written free report to get subscribers.

2. No need to worry about other software applications or programs, everything is provided for you.

3. Patrick has many quality free reports which he will hand out to this list, which build trust.

4. Patrick is known as a “Guru” and people will more likely purchase from him than you.


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