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By | January 13, 2016

What іѕ Cover Genie Pro ?

Bundle Pack Made Easy by Genie ProCover designing is a skilled job and it is not for every one.

For years, millions of business owners, marketers like you and me had to make our own covers if we had the knowledge, or else outsourced it to get our covers designed either very expensive or accept poor quality.Paperback Book With Cover Genie Pro

If you could afford Photoshop and went through all the training you would be able to develop and design your own covers which are very time consuming and not that easy.

The alternative is to wait for your outsourced product where the delivery times could be anything from 2 to 4 days.

But there is an option.

Cover Genie Pro Is The Answer.

This state-of-the-art software that allows you and me to create an UNLIMITED number of whatever Cover of YOU need from their rich library of designs in minutes!

Yes, with Cover Genie Pro you can build your cover designs like a professional in a few minutes.CD Cover With Disc by Genie Cover Pro

What Can Be Done With Cover Genie Pro?

• You can build your own professional Covers and Realistic Mockups in minutes – no design skills or experience required!

• You can create UNLIMITED Covers from your browser – It works on Windows, Mac and just about any major OS!Box Cover with Cover Geni Pro

• The same Quality Designs as with Photoshop without IT!

• Your will Impress your customers, visitors and audience and they will appreciate the value of their purchase more!

• You will increase perceived value of your product. Cover Genie Pro is the 1st known software that lets you create Bundle packages almost instantly!

• You can easily create mock up Covers for presentations which are common in local businesses and on corporate levels!Hardcover Report with Cover Genie Pro

• You can start your own business designing Covers for your clients and get paid for it! This is really guru-level covers done in less time

• You can create sell-able templates and designs… remember you own your work and can do whatever you want with it.

Passive Income - So Easy Even Grandpa Can Do ItSee Cover Genie Pro In action Here and decide for your self:

Get a flat tummy in 7 days

All This covers were made with Cover Genie Pro:

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