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Why an eBay Business Online?

Another model or method to establish your very own business online is to sell to Ebay and other Auction sites.

Because of the arrival of online shopping websites, people like you and me have become more used to buy what ever we need from the internet. If you want to order custom made cakes for that special occasions, or you found that very important decor for your house, maybe you are just looking for a perfect gift, chances are excellent that you will find it at auctions sites and online shopping sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

eBay business onlineThe best and maybe fastest way to earn money from the web is to establish your eBay business online where you can get rid of all that unwanted and unused furniture, garage clutter or other unwanted and personal belongings by advertising and selling it on Ebay.  You can make your Ebay business online your ultimate market place to sell products such as handcrafted jewellery and other accessories. You can use Ebay to sell stuff that you can import from other countries, things like electronic devices, clothes, jewelry and other home made products.

How do your eBay business on line work?

In order to make use of everything that eBay offers you will have know how their system works, how you can set up your account so that you will be able to buy and sell on their website. Follow the steps below to set up your own eBay business online account so that you can sell your products to the world.

E bay Sign upGo to ebay.com and click on register. You then have to enter the needed personal information such as your name, surname, email address and passwords and you are good to go.   Once you have set up you account you can go to your account and complete you profile and other details that eBay require from you, such as payment options.

Prepare your self to answer questions and inquiries from potential clients and your regular customers. You will have to visit your account often in order to address problems regarding your listings and to answer all inquiries and queries promptly. If you establish yourself as somebody who have a fast response rate regarding queries, you not only improve your credibility but a lot of visitors will check out your listings, and the more that see it the better your selling rate will be

It is also advisable to have some kind of questions and answers regarding your listings. Here it is advisable to have questions related to the product, shipping and policies around it answered.  This will give your potential customers instant information and will reduce a lot of questions toy you.

It is also good that you do some research and familiarize yourself with the different that must be followed when selling commercial and personal items on the World Wide Web.  It is of the utmost importance that you know most the details of product that you are selling and that you do not break any laws. It is a good idea to make a list of all the detailed information about the items that you are selling – Information such as where the item was made, when it was made and if there is an expiry date(important these days).

When selling items at your eBay business online that belongs to different categories it is always good to create your own listings. You will also have to decide how you are going to price your listings: The auction system where potential buyers, visitors and customers bid to purchase where the highest bid buys the item offered or the more traditional fixed price system on each item that you want to sell

If you want to sell the same item with different styles, sizes and colours, you can safe on space by allocating them to one category. eBay has their own categories which can help you to allocate your items and listing to the correct categories.

Prdducts made at home sold on ebay

Home Made Products

Needles to say you have started you eBay business online to make money therefore you will have to properly manage and monitor your listings to establish if there are people that view your account and if they have ordered or whether they have queries.

And last but not least ensure that deals with your clients are closed properly. This you do by giving them all the details they may require with special attention to the payment methods and estimated delivery times. Ensure that you do not miss out on any details of the sale because it is normally that left out detail that backfires.

5 Tips to operate your eBay business online!

We all know that to do business online is fast becoming very popular.

Is it not time that you join in this bandwagon by creating your own eBay business online store and sell your products with them as well. Make sure that you know what you do, such as to watch out and avoid scams,  problems and other bad decisions But before you start uploading your products online, be sure to find out the things that you should do and watch out for and  avoid scams, eliminate problems and do not make bad sales decisions.

Tip 1.

Research.  Research again. Do some more research! Doing your research properly is the key to establish a successful eBay selling and auction business.

You will find products similar to yours posted on the website. This must be your hint to find out a lot more about the product, thing such as price and what bidding or selling policies are associated with it so that you change your polices to better on theirs.

Also by finding similar products when you do your research you will be able to establish whether there is a good auction or selling market for your item. If so, better on your competitions offers, if not discard and move on to the next product.  

Tip 2.

Be creative, take pictures of your items and post them online. Pictures are known to be worth more that a thousand words and its power to convince people that you item is eye catching is massive. Contrary to what other people believe, pictures still says a lot when it comes to convincing people that a product is eye catching or not.  When you go to a restaurant don’t you look at the pictures of the dish before you order? That means you eat with your eyes, but you also buy with your ideas. That is the reason that to increase you sales on eBay be assured that auctioneers and buyers will first look at the images and photos of every product before they decide which item is worth purchasing. Remember, images, photos or pictures of your offers say a thousand words and it attracts buyers like nothing else.

Ebay business on line pictures

Ebay Product Picture

Tip 3.

Make sure that your potential buyers have multiple payment options. You and I and buyers as such are always looking for better and easier payment options when they buy products online. So besides money-grams, transfers, direct deposits, online payment websites such as the popular Paypal, make sure that your customers can also pay by debit or credit cards

Paypal payments

Tip 4.

When dealing with customers always be professional. Remember you are in it to make money and if you treat your customers truthful and professional the will become loyal customers which will appreciate your service and there word of mouth advertising can do wonders for you.  

You must make sure that all the information about your products  that you publish online up to the finest detail is true.

And very important, never become greedy and overcharge your clients. Always respond to their queries and feed back as quick as possible. Learn the ability to accept feedback whether it is positive or negative. Trust me there will be some very bad negative comments but always keep your cool.

Tip 5.

You already know how important a picture is in order to sell your item. Most buyers are also looking for a detailed description of the product they want to purchase especially when it is unknown to him/her. So do not neglect to have accurate, creative post or articles for each of your listed products. When a buyer is in doubt your write up about the product may just convince him/her to buy your item.

Pros and Cons of selling on eBay and Online Auctions

To sell your imported, home made, hand crafted products you’re your eBay business online is relatively easy.

Remember because it is a virtual shop and anybody with an internet connection can visit, view or buy your products, it can be one of the best income sources for anybody who wants to make more money by selling products online.

You do not need to be some technical minded individual to be able to start your own eBay business online or to open an account at any other online auction site.

You need a stable, steady internet connection and some skills to navigate and find your way on the web and if you are determined you can start a  business on line based on this model.  

As with every business concept or model there will be some disadvantages. A definite disadvantage at eBay and other auction sites is the fact that that you will be charged some fees during and after transactions. This will have an affect on the amount that you could earn.

Ebay Logo

Ebay Business Online

You must also realize that there is no guarantee that you will earn money consistently and immediately. Just like with a brick and mortar store you will only make money when you have plenty visitors and customers viewing your products.

The only way to get plenty customers is to establish yourself as a honest truthful business owner who respond to feed back and queries as fast as possible.

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Good Luck.


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