Email Marketing Business Online

Email Marketing Business Online

Email Marketing daily checkYou are constantly online, check you emails, chat with your friends or just surf the net. Did you know that you can make extra money through email marketing? Did you know that to do email marketing it can kick-start your online earnings that could pave your way to establish a lucrative business online.

You could promote events, products and services by sending emails. With email marketing you could keep your clients, make them loyal to you and eventually they could become your best customers to grow your email marketing business online.

How can You Earn Money with Email Marketing

To do effective Email marketing you require a list of targeted recipients – that means you must have a list of clients which will accept your email advertisements and react on it. So many Internet Marketers preach that the money is in the list. They are mostly correct for the money is with the individuals on your list, so always treat them with respect.

To build a highly responsive targeted list of individuals who could become your customers for life it is advised that you get hold of an Auto responder. There  are so many auto responders on the market and although I am using one that I get for free because I am a member of ParadoxCAsh, Email marketing Auto RespondeI also use Traffic Wave. Other very popular Auto responders are: GetResponse and Aweber. It will pay you to invest that little bit of money to get you your Auto responder of choice. It will be of massive help to you building your list and getting emails on schedule to your targeted clients.

Your Auto Responder could also collect new email addresses and to get people to subscribe to your Newsletters, ebooks, reports, guides or whatever you would want them to subscribe to.  To convince people to subscribe to your list offer them things such as gift cards, Coupons, vouchers Newsletters or tips to help them.

You have now build a regular list of email followers, and with the correct treatment they will become your regular buyers. But never ever spam them, meaning sending them email upon email. Nobody likes that.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a business that could be set up with minimal costs, basically only your Auto Responder investment, which can earn you money very fast.

email marketsWith email marketing you can reach your target market in a flash.

You could add your very own creative personal touch by sending out personalized emails.

Normal brick and Mortar businesses could also make use of email marketing to reach lots and lots of people without the added costs to put up posters, spreading flyers or using the ancient snail mail system. And by adding discount coupons, complimentary gift cards in their emails you will keep your loyal customers happy. 

A definite disadvantage of email marketing is that you could be tagged as a spammer. If that happens you will be blocked from their in boxes and land in their spam box. The changes that your email will be opened once it is in the spam box is virtually nil.

do not spam with email marketingIf you do not want to be labelled as spammer, do not send too many emails. And one sure way to get tagged as a spammer is to buy email lists. Remember people selling these lists, sells it to thousands of buyers. And if your name is on one of these lists you will suddenly receive thousands of emails about topics that you are not interested in with the result you will mark the sender as a spammer.


An Auto Responder is key to your successful email marketing online business.


4 thoughts on “Email Marketing Business Online

  1. Ken

    I agree with you input on Auto Responders. I personally use Aweber for emails. I also agree with you idea of limiting emails to reduce your changes of being branded as a spammer. Thank you Great Post.

    1. Koos Post author

      Aweber is one of the best and, I stand to be corrected, mostly used auto responders. The newly launched Rapid Mailer looks very promising and I fore see a bright future for it. The only downside is that it is currently limited to wordpress users only.

  2. Jhallmark

    Very good site. I will have to take advantage of this. I mean it couldn’t hurt my site to have some email marketing. Keep it up.

    1. Koos Post author

      And if you have a reliable Auto responder that you can rely on, it makes it that much easier to do.


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