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By | April 20, 2014

Introducing Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword toolSo you want to start your own business online and promote products as an affiliate marketer. To be able to promote programs or products you will have to write adverts, posts and articles. But all the work you put in to create these write ups will be of little value if it is not ranked high up in the search Engines.

You can get high search engine rankings by optimising your page with the correct keyword. But where do you find the correct keyword?

You can use Google’s adwords or other free keyword tools such as Ubersuggest, Bing Keyword Research  and Wordtracker or any other keyword software that you could easily find when you google for it – or you could use Jaaxy Keyword Research tool.

What exactly is the Jaaxy Keyword tool?

If you are reading this you can regards yourself as very privileged for I am going to tell you about the only keyword research tool that you will ever need.

At the bottom of this page you will find a template where you can add your keyword.

Jaaxy Research Tool

Once you can see the results of your keyword you can come back here to see what each column means to you, or just look at the image above about Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Suggested Keywords.

You type in the keyword or keyword phrase that you plan to use in your write up and Jaaxy Keyword tool will with in seconds produce a list of related keyword for you.

How many monthly searches for a Keyword?

Next to each keyword produced by the Jaaxy Keyword tool you will see how many monthly searches per keyword form a number of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will tell you how popular the keyword is.

Traffic estimates for a Keyword.

The results displayed here is very important so that you can see how much traffic you could get if you rank on the first pay of Google with the specific keyword.

Quoted Search Results (QSR) per Keyword

This is the number of competing pages which uses the exact same keyword. The general suggestion as that you must try to go for a keyword with a QSR of 300 or less, for if it is higher you are going to have a tough time getting on the first pay of Google. You want to be on the first page because that is where you will get your free traffic form.

Keyword Quality Index (KQI)

If the indicator in this column is red you can ignore it for the competition will be extremely high and you as a newcomer would have a very difficult time to rank the keyword on the first page.

If the indicator is an orange colour you might decide to explore it further but ultimately you would like to gather more information about the keywords which display a green indicator.Jaaxy Keyword Reserach Tool Indicators

Red = No Go
Orange = Might Go
Green = Definite Go


SEO Power per Keyword

The higher the SEO Power as provided to you by Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool the more potential it has to rank high in the search engines if you use it in your article.

That said the lower the SEO power the more difficult it will be to get rankings in the search Engines.

Domain Search per Keyword.

If you want to buy a domain with the keyword of your choice Jaaxy Keyword tool will tell you whether it is available or not.

This is what Jaaxy keyword research tool can give to you. You will need nothing more in finding the keyword that you can get ranked for.

Who should use Jaaxy keyword tool?

Because a single good keyword can bring you $1000’s per annum, any one that is doing Internet marketing or marketing as such needs keywords.

So I would say Jaaxy Keword tool is for everybody needing keywords, such as Internet Marketers, SEO companies, Niche Marketers, local businesses and I do not think you can list them all here.

Will you get training At Jaaxy keyword Tool?

You will find excellent Videos training on the training page of Jaaxy Keyword Tool which makes the use and understanding of this must have tool a breeze.

PRODUCT_NAME: Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10


Jaaxy Research Tool Payment Plan

Choose the plan that suits you.

Website: Jaaxy


If you are serious about establishing a business on line you must seriously consider adding Jaaxy Keyword tool in your marketing toolbox.

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4 thoughts on “Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  1. Greg Robson

    Hi Koos, I like the way you have styled your site. You’re review of this Jaaxy Keyword Tool is well presented.
    This is also my tool of choice, I particularly like the traffic light system to determine which keywords are good
    to help monetise a blog. I have used all “green” keywords so far and am getting ranked on page one of Google
    for many of my pages! My next step is to tackle a higher visitor amber keyword to see if I can rank for that too.
    Once again thanks for putting together this great site.

    1. Koos Post author

      I have found a excellent keywords using Jaaxy which I used on my pages and posts.


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