SaleHoo – What To Sell On eBay?

By | April 6, 2014

SaleHoo – What To Sell On eBay? 

To make money on eBay is fast and relatively easy. All you have to do is buy items cheaply and sell it on eBay for a profit. Makes sense, doesn’t it. It is one of the surest ways to earn money from your business online but beware of scammers who can burn you, and there is a lot out there. So to make a to make a decent profit you must know what to sell on eBay and most importantly where to get it for a good price.

And this is where SaleHoo gets into the picture. I wanted to say good buy to eBay for I could not sell anything. Maybe I was to greedy selling at too high a price. I will never know. A friend told me to have a look a SaleHoo. I did not want to. I have bought items and can not sell it and am ready to give up. But curiosity got the upper hand and I decided to take a look at SaleHoo.

First thing I noticed is examples of whole sale prices just below the video and the possible profits on it. Wow, I am not use to such low prices.Salehoo - Waht to sell on eBay

I watched the video, scrolled down the page to see how SaleHoo will work for me and getting to the bottom of the page I saw that besides giving a 60-day money back guarantee the cost to join is within my reach.

I found out that they have in excess of 8 000 verified legitimate suppliers, a massive support network and more than 100 000 active forum members.

More than 8 000 Salehoo Suppliers

I decided instead of giving up on eBay let me give it one more try. Needless to say, this was the best decision I made in a long time. I found some of the best suppliers of legitimate but cheap items and voila, now I am making more money than before.

But as with everything good there is always something bad so do not hurry and get your piece of the pie yet. Read through my whole experience before you buy.

As mentioned earlier SaleHoo has over 8,000 verified legitimate, low-cost suppliers.

In today’s age it is quite tough to find good suppliers of legitimate products of high quality which are not fakes. Just think about large brands such as Apple. 

SaleHoo, however guarantees that they only have legitimate suppliers with actual people selling real items and not fakes. They guarantee that they have verified their suppliers. I experienced it. The suppliers are real and what’s more they can be trusted. Suddenly I fell in love with SaleHoo.

The suppliers of SaleHoo are really the best and you will not find suppliers elsewhere that sell at lower prices as these from Salehoo. Amongst their suppliers you will find direct manufacturers, wholesalers, liquidators and dropshippers. No wonder I am making more money than before.

SaleHoo boasts an Active Forum and their Support is Amazing.

SaleHoo Active Community forum

From time to time you might need a little help or have a question to ask. If you email the SaleHoo support team with your help request or question you will find that their support is amazing and you will usually get your feedback within 24 hours. Very few supplier directories do that! 

But apart from there amazing fast support you will find asking for help on their very large helpful active forum people will reply very quickly with some of the best answers anyone can expect.  .

An Innovative Research Lab at SaleHoo?

SaleHoo have a feature the call the Research Lab. This is amazing. This lab tracks the best selling items on eBay and tells you what to sell on eBay. This means you now only need to pick the items that sell which basically guarantees your success.

It also tells you other important information such at which times to start auctions and when to stop for certain items. Because of SaleHoo’s Research Lab I am no more loosing money on things that will not sell. I am now selecting winners, and for this feature alone I recommend SaleHoo

SalehooHow to use eBay –Sorry SaleHoo Doesn’t Teach you How!

As mentioned earlier the one bad thing about Salehoo is the fact that they do not teach you exactly how to use eBay. They give you a head start by getting products for you at low cost, recommend best selling product to you through their Research Lab but they do not teach you about writing effective sales copies. That is all necessary to make the step up in getting a large income. So if you are new to eBay selling I recommend Online Selling Tactics. You will learn a lot, in fact, you will find the course impressive.  

SaleHoo Recommendation – Must you Buy or Not?

I can only say do not hesitate. With over 8 000 verified suppliers which include dropshippers, manufactures, liquidators and wholesalers you can not go wrong. You wil not get lower prices for legitimate items any where else, nor will you get better support. And who else will tell you what to sell on eBay. Nobody!

SaleHoo Buy Now

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  1. dennis mitchell

    great site and really like your review of salehoo will investigate this more.
    I sold some used clothes on ebay last year
    little profit.


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