The 3 Best Survival Tips for Affiliate Marketers to Survive Online

The 3 Best Survival Tips for Affiliate Marketers to Survive Online

Best Survival tipsEvery one that wants to do affiliate internet marketing will on a continuous basis look for successful affiliate products that offers the largest pay checks. After all that is why the do affiliate internet marketing.

The person that is doing online affiliate marketing have to realize that there is no magic formula that is readily available to do affiliate internet marketing. It is a little bit more complicate than that.

To be successful in online affiliate marketing takes good marketing practices, hard work and dedication. There are a few survival tips that have worked before with affiliate internet marketing and is still working in the online affiliate marketing world of today.

With the 3 best survival tips you should be able to increase your sales and survive online with your affiliate internet marketing business.

Best survival tips no 1:

Use unique separate web pages for each product you are promoting.

Best survival tips no 1: Never lump a lot of different products together if you want to save money on web hosting and or domain names. The absolute best is to have a site which focuses on each and every product you want to promote. For example if you build a site about bicycles it would look quite odd if you suddenly start promoting cameras on it, don’t you agree?

One of the best affiliate marketing tips that can be given is to write and include a unique product review, as a post, on each and every product that you are promoting on your site.

The reason is that your visitors can get an initial understanding of the product and what the product can do to the ones that buys it.

It is also very wise to include testimonials of customers who have already bought and used the product. Just make sure that the customers whose testimonials and photos you use have agreed to it or there might be copyright implications.

Write articles that highlight the uses of the product you are promoting and post it on your website as additional pages. Make the article compelling and attractive but do not forget to include calls to action such as click HERE:

Every headline that you use, whether it is for your product review post or article page, should be written in such a way that it attracts readers to want to read more. Highlight special points in such a way that your readers know what the pages and posts are about and that they want to know more.

Best survival tips no 2:

One of the best survival tips that you will ever find is to offer free reports or e-books to your readers.

Best survival tips no 2: And another extreme survival tip for online affiliate marketing is to give away the free report or e-book with an auto responder.

It is advised that that a better position to place your auto responder is at the top of your page so that it can not be missed. It is also important that you have auto responder messages which are mailed to all that have entered their personal details in your sign up box, because, according to research a sale is normally closed with the 7th contact of the prospect

When a visitor or prospect land on your site one of the following happens: a- The visitor enters details in your sign up box and purchase the product that you offer or b– the prospect leaves your page and never come back. You, me and I am sure everybody else wants (a) to happen. So, for our survival online, how do we get our visitor or prospect to spend more time on our page?

That brings us to more survival tips.

Unique and useful information is the key to grab your visitors’ attention and keep it. The more your prospect finds your content useful and interesting the longer he/she will stay on your page and changes are good that your prospect will either buy the product you are promoting or enter his/her personal information in your sign up box expecting to get more helpful information through news letters or emails.

Once this happen it is up to you to feed them with useful information into their in boxes at specified times without spamming them. You will remind them of the product that you are promoting and monitor if the sale has been done. The content of your letters to your prospects have to be directed towards specific reasons why they should buy the product you are promoting. Be careful, it must not look and sound like a sales pitch.

More affiliate marketing tips are that you have to focus on important points on your site and your auto responders. Points such as how your product can make things easier and life more enjoyable.

And if you send emails avoid the word free especially in your subject line for spam filters will prevent your email from landing in the inbox of your prospect.

Best survival tips no 3:

3 best survival tipsTo survive online with affiliate internet marketing it is important to get targeted traffic to your product.

When you get a visitor on your site and there is no interest from their side to what you are offering on your page or website the visitor will leave and never come back.

Some of the best survival tips that we can give you is to get target visitors to you site. You can achieve this goal by writing articles about what you are promoting and publish it online as e-zines, e-reports or press releases. By doing it this way chances are good that you will find targeted customers that should bring the correct targeted traffic to your page and if the content on your site is great it might just grab their interest.

To get a continuous flow of traffic it is advised that you try and write a minimum of two, 300-600 words articles per week and publish it where you get the best results in traffic to your site.

It is a accepted fact that 1 out of 100 targeted visitors to your product will buy it. So to have the best chance of survival online your goal will have to be to get as many targeted visitors as possible to visit your site daily. Imagine, 10 sales for every 1000 targeted visitors to your site as per the accepted norm online it only makes sense that you increase your efforts to get as many daily visitors as possible to your site.

The best survival tips given above do not really sound too difficult to do, when you think about it. It does however require time and a good action plan, but think of the large pay checks that you will receive if you apply it correctly to your online affiliate marketing business.



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