What is Affiliate Marketing

What Types of Business Online are available?


Affiliate MarketingNaturally, there are a number of business online models for you to select from. Surely, it will have to fit your interests and it you must have the skills for the niche that you choose to start and maintain your business online successfully.

In reality, the internet offers you countless of niches and possibilities to start a business online, running it and making money from it.

I will start with the most popular business online model called Affiliate Marketing: 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You have built your website to the best of your knowledge and now you want to know how to make money from it. The most popular and relative easy way to make money is through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is where you and a merchant or seller agrees that you will advertise his product or service on your website for a fixed commission. When income or revenue is generated through an advertisement on your website, the merchant or seller will pay according to the agreement that was made when you started advertising the said product or service.

Exactly how will you earn with Affiliate Marketing? You earn through visitors clicking the advertisement or customers who have actually visited your website and bought the product or service advertised.

3 Types of Affiliate Advertising

Pay per Sale Affiliate Advertising

Pay per sale advertising is where you as the website owner make money with sales done and completed with the ads on your site. The merchant or seller will check the activity on your web site through their sales. Each time they close deals that are done through the ad on your site, you will have a percentage of the income, or you will receive a set rate depending upon the number of sales that they close and the agreement between you and them. One example is Clickbank.com

PPC Affiliate Marketing

Paid per Click Advertising is where you advertise a merchant or seller’s product or service on your website and for each click you get on the advertisement that leads to the merchant or seller’s page you will earn a fixed amount.

Pay per Lead Affiliate Marketing

Paid per Lead Affiliate Marketing is known to be the highest income generating kind of affiliate marketing in the world of online business. Because you will be accepting advertisements to be posted on your web site for extra income, you are allowing yourself to more possibilities of earning more money. Leads originating from the advertisements or links on your sites will pay great money.

How are payments made?

Payments can be made instantly, or on a weekly or monthly basis. The payments will be based on the amount or percentage that you and your affiliate merchant have decided when you closed the deal.

There are a number of means for you to get your payment:

One would be through online banking.

Money can be wired to your personal or business bank account.

This can also be done through direct bank deposits.

A check can be sent by mail to you as agreed with your merchant on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The other very popular method is to get payments is via PayPal.

Affiliate Marketing Paypal payments

What Skills are needed to begin an Affiliate Marketing Business? 

You do not need a great deal of skills when it comes to start an Affiliate Marketing Business. Although you require some experience and knowledge on pay per click marketing, back-linking and copy writing but if you have the determination to be the best at internet marketing, you are good to go.

Obviously, you also need a steady connection to the Internet to avoid any deal delays and other problems.

Affiliate Marketing Pros

Affiliate Marketing can benefit anybody who wants to start his or her very own business online. The advantages is that it not only generates money for you and your business online, the advertising of affiliate offers can also bring more customers to your business online which will definitely help in keeping your business online afloat.  

1. By doing Affiliate marketing you do not need to be creative or have the skills to develop your own products. In fact, having your own website, managing it regularly and accepting affiliate services and product advertisements to be published on it, is all you need to earn money.

This implies that you need to plan properly when setting up your website for your business online. The sooner you have your properly planned website or page set up the sooner you can start looking for merchants or sellers with products and services that you are comfortable with, to advertise and start earning money.

2. It is relatively inexpensive to start your affiliate marketing business online. In fact most merchants allow you to advertise their products/services for free. All they will require from you is to sign up to get a link to use for your advertising.

3. With signing up for an affiliate program you can earn money even when you sleep.  Yes, if you wish to make money without you have to stay on the computer for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, affiliate marketing is certainly the best business idea for you. Just think: you will continue to earn money even if you are not online. How? Clients or visitors click on your links and ads that you display on your website and the money rolls in. How cool is that?

4. Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest methods to make big profits online. Whether you are in this part time or long term it is a business online which offers some of the best and most practical ways to make money and to start your very own business online. Because there are thousands of merchants selling services and products online you should never be without good products and services to promote on your website.

5. By doing affiliate marketing you will always be up to date with what’s going on in the internet marketing world. You will have an excellent chance to venture into different services and products that are offered, which you could feature on your website. You will have an opportunity to find better strategies, techniques and systems which can improve your business online and subsequently increase your possibilities of making money.

6. There is possibilities that you could connect with and work with other affiliate marketers through linking your sites together thus increasing your revenues tenfold.

Affiliate Marketing Cons

There is no doubt that you can earn big with Affiliate Marketing but there is a few disadvantages about it that you should know. Once you know what to look out for you can plan around in order to avoid it from happening.

1. Look out for misleading advertisements which can deceive your customers. Ensure that before you start promoting a product or service that you have done your homework by screening it, checking it’s website to see if is legit, validate the product or service and finalize the detail concerning the affiliation.

2. Always stay in touch with your merchants so that you know what they plan to prevent being caught by surprise that they have discontinued the product or service without advising you. Doing it this way you will have time to tell your customers should there be a change in the product/service that you promote.

3. Safeguard your affiliate links and websites against affiliate hijackers which could pocket your hard earned money if they get a foot to it.

To end, be sure that you have researched everything about affiliate marketing and that you concentrate only on the products and services that work for you so that you can give you customers proper advice in order to make them coming back for more.

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2 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing

  1. Daniel

    Affiliate Marketing is booming and become more and more popular as an avenue for corporations to use the leverage of those with blog-sites and web-sites to promote their product. I agree that you need to be selective in the program as their service or pricing may not be the best value to your web-site visitors. I try to stick to brand names that consumers can identify with.

    1. Koos Post author

      Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way to go, unless you can create your own products and get affiliates to promote it for you. I do agree with sticking to brand or trusted names


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